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    Militaria Consulting Services*
    • Museum Displays and Movie and Television Productions

    • Expertise

    • Appraisals and Estimates

    • Identification of 20th Century U.S. Militaria
    Museum Displays and Movie and Television Productions:   We can tell you what you need for the correct U.S. Army or U.S.M.C. military display or production from World War One through Vietnam, including our specialty, military rations. We can provide edible or dummy U.S. rations and ration/uniform related items for films through our own facilities or act as a purchasing and distribution coordinator through subcontractors for almost any 20th Century US conflict.

    * Pre-made WWII and Vietnam rations are available only to film and television companies and museums. We maintain no stock of rental uniforms or equipment.

    Expertise:   In determining authenticity and era of U.S. Military clothing and equipment of the 20th century. We can also determine whether a uniform is complete, correct and if all the proper and matching componets for the particular uniform are present, missing or mis-matched.

    Apparisals and Estimates:   We can provide estimates of value of 20th century U.S. militaria for museums, foundations or private collections.

    Identification of 20th Century U.S. Militaria:   Over 15 years as a collector of U.S. army and U.S.M.C. mitlitaria has given us a broad basis of knowlege. Specaliazing in WWII, U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps infantry and airborne and WWII rations.


    South Pacific (Zuber Studio/The Studio Group) - September 2011:   Provided reproduction WWII P1940 USN dog tags for cast of play in New York. The play is touring the country.

    The Korean War Museum and Monument of Greece (Panhellenic Association of the Korean War Verterans) - August 2011:   Provided reproduction Korean War era U.S. C Rations for this museum.

    Everyman's War (One-Eighty Films) - January/February 2007; February/June 2008:   Provided reproduction U.S. WWII ration and personal items and acted as extra in the G.I. squad for this movie. everymanswarthemovie.com

    The Pacific War (First Division Productions Pty. Ltd.) - August 2007:   Exclusive provider of K Rations for the epic HBO series produced by Steven Spielberg (Dreamworks) & Tom Hanks.

    South Pacific (UK Productions) - July 2007:   Provided USN Dog Tags and chains for this play in the United Kingdom.

    The Mummy 3 (Universal Pictures/Old Bull, Young Bull Productions, Inc.) - June 2007:   Provided reproduction C Ration Kits, K Ration Kits, D Ration Kits, and ration boxes and crates for this upcomming movie.

    Blood In the Water (Brook Lapping Production Co.) - February 2007:   Provided reproduction WWII P1940 USN dog tags for primary cast of this docu-drama on the sinking and saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis.

    The South Carolina Museum (SC) - December 2006:   Provided reproduction U.S. WWI Rations and K Ration for exhibit on U.S. Army rations.

    The Intrepid Museum (NY) - May 2006:   Provided reproduction K and D Rations for an exhibit on WWII Paratrooper equipment.

    The Devils Brigade, They Were the Very Best (Frantic Films) - March 2006:   Provided reproduction K Rations for this Canadian TV documentary series.

    Flags of Our Fathers (Warner Bros. Pictures Inc./Malpaso Productions) - June 2005:   Provided reproduction WWII P1940 USMC dog tags for cast and extras of this U.S.M.C. movie on the flag raisers on Iwo Jima directed by Clint Eastwood and produced by Steven Spielberg (Dreamworks). Also provided edible C Rations, D Rations, K Rations and 10-in-1 Ration items for production and researched dog tag information for the flag raisers and major participants of the patrols up Mt. Suribachi.

    Mister Roberts (Kennedy Center Production) - January 2005:   Provided reproduction WWII P1940 USN dog tags for cast of play at the Kennedy Center in New York. Also acted as technical/purchasing consultant for World War Two U.S. Navy Shore Patrol, U.S. Army Military Police and U.S. Army Nurse's uniforms.

    US Army Soldier Systems Center (Natick Soldier Center) - December 2004:   Provided reproduction K and C Rations for historic rations display.

    Man, Moment and Machine, History Channel (Edelman Productions) - June 2004:   Provided reproduction labels for canned goods and technical advise regarding supplies and foodstuffs for submarine galley scene.

    Oregon Historical Society - June 2004:   Provided reproduction World War Two ration items for display for "Oregon My Oregon" exhibit. The items were described in a soldier's 1945 letter home telling what he carried in his pockets.

    Battleship North Carolina - April 2004:   Provided reproduction marked USN P1940 Dog Tags to entire living history crew of the ship.

    Boys of Company H, Discovery Channel (New Dominion Pictures) - Sept. 2003:   Provided reproduction C Rations and reproduction USMC P1940 Dog Tags for this production on the battle for Iwo Jima.

    Mail Call, History Channel (Digital Ranch) - Sept. 2002:   Provided dialog, history, technical information and rations for WWI through Vietnam for a segment of Mail Call entitled "What Do Soliders Eat?". Also appeared on camera describing C-Rations and describing and opening a WWII K-Ration.

    * A minimum fee of $25.00 is charged for consulting services. All fees are based on time and subject and can be quoted on an individual basis.
    Contact us by e-mail regarding your individual consulting project.

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