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Welcome to World War Two Ration Technologie's Main Page!   Here is what's new .........................After over 15 years in business, we will be shutting down in when our domain name expires. If you want to order, do so now before we shut down. The business is for sale if you are interested, although sales are flat...............I have added a page for my new hobby, collecting Horror Hosted monster movies under DVD/VHS. Includes movies for sale or trade   .......................... The movie "Everymans War" is available on DVD. It was very good and I can be seen promenently featured in the background handing out troop berth assignments and stacking sea bags in the scene below deck of the troop transport shipping out to Europe   .............. I am also promenent in the training camp in Europe, although you can only see the back and side of me walking to the tent and stacking my rifle against the side before going in. I am also in the scene marching up to the front line, in the pumphouse and in the big firefight ...........................   Extensive Services to film companies and museums are now offered. Email us with any questions and check out our Film/Museum Services Page.............   Repro. WWII USMC/Navy Dog Tags and now WW1 USMC Dog Tags and WW1 U.S Army M1910 Dog tags are featured on our "Other Products" Page...........................   Repro. WW1 Pre-made rations and PX items are new offerings...........................   Pre-printed label kits for rations are now standard. All labels are provided in the various kits. Foodstuffs, boxes and cardboard needed to make the rations are still not included. As anounced previously, software options were discontiued ...........................   ............................   Want to see more of my rations and what is in them?   Watch the History Channel's show "Mail Call" for a segment asking the question "What do soldier's eat?"   The show features me and some of my rations, as well as re-enactors eating rations of various eras.   It aired the week of September 9th, 2002, so watch your local schedules for reruns of the show ...........................   A page featuring original WWII U.S. Militaria has been added.   Please check it out!
    Welcome to World War Two Ration Technologies' Main Page.

    For many years, one of the greatest drawbacks to authenticity faced by the military living historian or re-enactor was the accurate packaging of the food he consumes at an event.

    Over eight years ago, I first approached this problem. Since that time, with computer technology and the availablity of accurate reproduction K-Ration boxes, I have developed a line of K-Ration, C-Ration and D-Ration Instruction Kits containing information, instructions and pre-printed labels that are ready to be offered to the WWII U.S. living history and re-enacting community.

    I make no claim that these are absolutely accurate renditions of the originals. The key can used on the original rations, for instance, is virtually non-existant. Some components made from these kits may not be accurate right down to the exact millimeter of size or can either, but believe me, they look remarkably good and are based on the originals. See for yourself. Veiw Rations and Contents Made From Kits.

    Now sold only in easy to use Pre-Printed Label Kit form. Labels are high quality printings of all the labels needed to make the individual components of each ration. Printing and most measuring is no longer required. Just cut them out inside the pre-printed cut lines, fold and paste them onto the recommended foodstuffs.

    All information, instructions and products recommended in these kits meet the criteria I established when I began making them: They must be edible, cheap, fairly easy to obtain and produce, and look correct to all but the most well informed military collector and historian. Once you make the initial investment in the materials, some of which are reusable for many years with reasonable care, and foodstuffs, the price per unit to manufacture these rations drops with quantity.

    Don't be fooled by other, less accurate offerings now entering the market. These instructions and labels allow you to make the most accurate, edible rendition of the K-Ration and C-Rations available today. Make your own and save.

    Because of FDA regualtions, I am offering these products in kit form only. No actual foodstuffs, materials, boxes or cans come with the kits. However, with each kit you get:

    • All the necessary pre-printed labels for the contents of a typical K-Ration, C-Ration or D-Ration.

    • An instruction article containing complete information on how to make each ration including detailed diagrams and instructions, along with pictures of the completed kit rations;

    • Tips on how and where to obtain the necessary materials and foodstuffs;

    • Complete information on what to use to make each individual ration; and

    • A short history of each individual ration with illustrations of the actual ration.

    You've probably spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars to put together an accurate impression, so why negate all that hard work by eating MRE's or cans with the labels ripped off at the next event? The anwser is here. Order today. Go To Order Page.

    You can now make online payments, including secure credit card payments, though Pay Pal. Go to the Order page for more information. You can still pay by money order or checks by mailorder also.

    Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

    Non-toxic paints and glues should always be used in conjuction with and in the preparation of all food products. Packaging methods recommended are meant only for the short term storage of foodstuffs and are not meant for the long term storage of foodstuffs.


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